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Official Web Page of Trish Kelley for City Council 2016

Truth detector -- disspelling the rumors


Unfortunately, sometimes during election campaigns, some candidates resort to lying or presenting misinformation.  I normally ignore such tactics by my opponents.  However, I have been asked to respond to a flyer that has been placed on doors all over the City during the past couple of weeks and on social media.  If you have any questions about anything you have read or heard, you are welcome to call me (949-285-0309) or send me an email (  Here is my response to just a few of the false statements:

  • Only one former City Council Member has ever received lifetime medical benefits, Bill Craycraft, who passed away in 2014.  I publically and irrevocably declined lifetime medical benefits (as did Frank Ury).  Public documents are available upon request.  I do not currently receive lifetime medical benefits, and I will not receive such benefits in the future (the same is true for Frank Ury).
  • I have no idea what my opponent is talking about on an I-5 freeway toll lane, and apparently, neither does Google. <>. City Councils have no authority to change I-5 freeway lanes into toll lanes.
  • I’ve never supported an unconstitutional ordinance; no court has ever ruled one of our ordinances unconstitutional.  I would encourage anyone, including my opponent, to pursue a court ruling to strike down an ordinance as unconstitutional.  No one has pursued this because not one of the ordinances is unconstitutional.
  • I’m running a grassroots campaign.  The biggest contributors to my campaign are my husband and me.  We have put $10,000 of personal funds into the campaign.  The majority of my checks range from $20 to $99 and come from concerned Mission Viejo residents.
  • Property values in Mission Viejo rose 7% during the time period the opponent cited. Insurance rates were consistent City-wide.
  • Affordable housing requirements mandated by the State were reduced under my leadership.



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