Official Web Page of Trish Kelley for City Council 2016
Official Web Page of Trish Kelley for City Council 2016

the following individuals have endorsed trish:

  • Mimi Walters, Congresswoman California 45th District

  • Pat Bates, State Senator California 36th District

  • Janet Nguyen, State Senator California 34th District

  • William P. Brough, State Assemblyman California 73rd District

  • Lisa Bartlett, Supervisor Orange County 5th District

  • Frank Ury, Mayor City of Mission Viejo

  • Wendy Bucknum, Mayor Pro Tem City of Mission Viejo

  • Greg Raths, Councilmember City of Mission Viejo

  • Brian Goodell, Community Services Commissioner City of Mission Viejo

  • Tony Beall, Mayor City of Rancho Santa Margarita

  • Family Action PAC

  • South Orange County Economic Coalition PAC  (Econ PAC)

  • Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

  • Orange County Professional Firefighters

  • Orange County Taxpayers Association PAC

  • California Women's Leadership Association

  • Lincoln Club of Orange County

  • Young Republicans of Orange County

  • "Ziggy" Wilczynski, 'Mr. Mission Viejo'

  • Former City of Mission Viejo Mayors/Councilmembers:

Robert Breton

Sheri Butterfield

Sharon Cody

Chris Keena

Rhonda Reardon

Susan Withrow




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