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Trish kelley and brian goodell announce candidacies



Mission Viejo (December 5, 2015) -- Former Mission Viejo City Councilwoman and four-time mayor Trish Kelley, and Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Community Services Commissioner Brian Goodell today announced their candidacies for the two city council slots on the ballot in the November 2016 election. The pair will run as a team including joint fund-raisers and joint appearances at local events. Trish stated "I am delighted that Brian is seeking city council office in Mission Viejo."


Trish kelley flyer

Mission Viejo (October 11, 2016) -- Today City Council candidate Trish Kelley released a new campaign flyer summarizing her many achievements during her previous three terms on the Mission Viejo City Council. A copy of the flyer is reproduced below.




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